2019 Signature Leadership Community Impact Project Proposal

Leadership Lake County provides dynamic learning experiences and leadership development
for 35 - 40 rising and established leaders living and working in the Lake
County community each year. Each class has representation from across private,
public and non-profit sectors allowing for rich, interdisciplinary learning to
take place. Program days immerse participants into key aspects of Lake County
business and life.

An important outcome of the program is to prepare class members to serve the greater
community by taking on leadership roles on non-profit and public boards, as
well as to become engaged in political decision-making and action.

A community impact project is an integral component of the Leadership Lake County Signature
Program. The class reviews proposals and adopts four to six projects each year,
with a team of six to eight class members working in collaboration with an
agency to complete a selected project within a seven-month timeframe between
October and April.

You are invited to submit a proposal for consideration by the Leadership Lake County
Class of 2019 participants. The Lake County community benefits from the
projects while the Leadership Lake County team members have the opportunity to
apply the knowledge and skills learned in their leadership development program
days and workshops. The closing retreat in June will include presentations by
the teams to highlight their learning, their processes and their outcomes of
their projects.

The class will narrow down the projects for selection the first week of September. If
your project is in the finalist group, you will be invited to join the class on September 20 at Punderson Manor to further discuss your project expectations and initiate the project. Please save this date on your calendar.

Submit proposals no later than July 30, 2019.

Project Details

Project Criteria:
* Must require leadership, not just labor
* Fundraising is not the primary goal. Fundraising may not exceed $1,000 for materials to complete the project.
* Must fill a community need with direct, visible impact to the community.
*There is a measurable outcome
* The project must be sustainable beyond LLC's involvement
* The scope is both narrow and specific and can be thoroughly explored within the Leadership Lake County class structure
*Number of people affected by the project
*Final projects are adopted at the Class retreat in September. You will be notified of your status by September 8. If you are a finalist project, you must attend a meeting with your project group at 4:30 at Punderson manor on Thursday, September 20. Failure to attend will dismiss the project from consideration.  Please save this date on your calendar.


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