2020 Leader of the Year Nomination


Part I

How has this individual advanced the mission of Leadership Lake County from 2012 - 2018 – “Leadership Lake County develops and engages present and future leaders to become committed to social, economic, and civic excellence in our community.”

Part II- Leadership Lake County Values Demonstration

The following core values or guiding principles serve as the foundation and framework for Leadership Lake County’s strategic plan and the organization’s daily operations:

  • We believe that—at our core—we are about relationship building.
  • We believe that we are strongest when we are inclusive.
  • We expect the highest ethical conduct and mutual respect in all our personal and professional behaviors.
  • We value responsiveness to those whom we serve and who serve with us.
  • We embrace opportunities to collaborate with others to strengthen our community.

Provide specific details of how this individual’s leadership style demonstrates the five core values of Leadership Lake County:

Part III – Leadership Accomplishments

The nominee should be making an impact to the Lake County community outside the scope of her/his professional position.

• List of organizations with which your nominee is involved within the last five years.

• Do/did they hold an office within any of the organizations?

• Length of time they have been involved in the organizations.

• Identify specific accomplishments.

Submitted by a Leadership Lake County Trustee, Active Alumni, or Current Class Participant

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Your nomination has been received!

Thank you for submitting a nomination! The selection committee will meet in April to determine this year's honoree and the award will be presented at the Leadership Celebration on May 29th at St. Noel's Banquet Center. Please check our website for the link to make a reservation to join us that evening!

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