2020 Scholarship Application

      The purpose of the Leadership Lake County Scholarship is to select students who have the desire to further their education beyond the high school level and who successfully demonstrates leadership skills. It is open to Junior Leadership Program graduates attending traditional colleges or pursuing technical training certifications.

     The scholarship is open to any Junior Leadership Program graduate for a maximum of four years after the date of her/his high-school graduation. The scholarship is to be used for education beyond the high school level in any trade or technical school, community college, or four-year college.

     A minimum of one post-secondary scholarship in the amount of $500 will be awarded. Providing the necessary funds are available, additional scholarship awards may be given as deemed appropriate by the Leadership Lake County Scholarship Committee with approval of the Board of Trustees.

     If awarded this scholarship, the student(s) must present a letter of acceptance by May 30 from a school/institution beyond the high school level. For renewals, official transcripts must be received in the Leadership Lake County offices by August 31 of each year. The scholarship is renewable for three (3) consecutive years beginning in freshman year of college. Renewal requires a minimum 2.5 GPA and the student must be in good academic standing. If, for any reason, the scholarship recipient is unable to use the scholarship during the ensuing school year, the student forfeits his/her right to the scholarship.

     The selection(s) will be made by the Scholarship Committee based on the information submitted in this application. The scholarship shall be awarded on the basis of desire, responsibility, academic achievement, financial need, and demonstrated leadership skills. All fields in the application must be completed. Applications are due by April 1, 2020 at 9 am.

Section C - Organizations and Activities

Section D - Educational Goals

Section E - Financing your Future Education

Section F - Employment History

In the section below, list your employment history beginning with your current employer, if any.

Please list, where you were employed, the dates of employment, the hours per week you worked and what was the nature of the work (retail, landscaping, etc.)

Section G. Essay Submissions

Please answer carefully, as this is the most heavily weighted component of the selection process. Please type your response in 200-300 words for each question. We urge you draft your responses in a text document and proof carefully before pasting into your application.


Attachments Required with Scholarship Application

A1.  Supply one letter of recommendation from an individual who is not a relative, attesting to your character and leadership experience.


A2.  Attach your high school transcript if applying in senior year, or college transcripts if applying after college enrollment. All renewals require official college transcripts.

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By my signature, I affirm that the above information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and ability; that I acknowledge Leadership Lake County may, in its decision-making process, seek to verify any and/or all parts of said information; that falsification of any facts and/or figures will disqualify an applicant and/or, if already awarded, be grounds for revocation of said scholarship.


Thank you for your application!

Thank you for your scholarship application!

We have received your application for the Junior Leadership Scholarship for 2020. You will be notified in writing of the Selection Committee's decision by May 15, 2020. If selected, you will need to attend the Leadership Celebration on Wednesday, June 3 at 6 pm. Please save the date!

Thank you!