Become an Operation Resolve Leadership Partner!
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By Leadership Lake County
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Operation Resolve. For your employees. For their families. For your company’s bottom line.

Leadership Lake County, the Lake County Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board, and the Lake County Opiate Task Force have teamed up

on a program to help local businesses fight back. It’s called Operation Resolve.


We’re inviting your company to become an Operation Resolve Leadership Partner.

You’ll need to do two things:

1.) Have our team do a presentation for your employees on drug abuse and addiction. The presentation will take about an hour and will span opiates and heroin, warning signs, impacts, and local help resources.

2.) Make handouts available in your company for your employees to learn more about abuse and addiction and resources.

There’s no cost to you for the presentation or the literature. All of our Operation Resolve Leadership Partners receive a window decal that underscores your company’s

commitment to this important initiative.

Other facts about abuse and addiction that may surprise you:

•Two-thirds of Americans who reported misusing Rx medications were on their company’s payroll at the time.

•Eleven people in Ohio will die today from accidental overdoses.

•We’re on track to see more than 100 Lake County residents lose their lives to overdoses this year.

•Four of five heroin addictions began with the use of Rx drugs.

For more information about becoming an Operation Resolve Leadership Partner call the ADAMHS Board Compass Line at 440-350-2000 or 440-918-2000.