Leader of the Year Nominations - Open Now!
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By Leadership Lake County
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2018 Leader of the Year

The prestigious Leadership Lake County Leader of the Year award is presented to one outstanding recipient each year for their contributions in Lake County. We encourage you to nominate someone who you believe is worthy of such an award of distinction.

The Leader of the Year Committee invites LLC Trustees,

Graduates and Current Class Participants to submit nominations for the 2018

 Leadership Lake County Leader of the Year Award to be presented at the

32nd Annual Recognition Banquet on Wednesday, June 6, 2018.


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Leader of the Year 1989-2017

Past Recipients


Wilbur R. Moyer, 1989

Joseph D. Rusnak, 1990

Richard H. Gehring, 1991

Michael D. Lyster, 1992

Joseph A. Lesak, 1993

Dr. Ralph R. Doty, 1994

Kenneth M. Iwashita, 1995

Jack E. Daniels, 1996

Arthur S. Holden, Jr.  & Constance P. Irvin, 1997

J. William Stanton, 1998

Paul J. Beddia, 1999

Harry L. Allen, Jr., 2000

Dr. James H. Capitan, 2001

Thomas W. Benda, 2002

David J. Enzerra, 2003

Cynthia Moore-Hardy, 2004

Roger J. Sustar, 2005

Dr. Morris W. Beverage Jr., 2006

Ellen Foley Kessler, 2007

Judie & Dave Crockett, 2008

Nancy & Ed Brown, 2009

Bruce M. Kephart, 2010

Michael T. Victor, 2011

Dr. Jacqueline Hoynes, 2012

Rita and Peter Carfagna, 2013

Bob Cahen, 2014

Judge Colleen Falkowski, 2015

Andrew L. Meinhold, 2016

Dennis Eckart and Dave Cowen, 2017