Leadership Lake County Leader of the Year

The prestigious Leadership Lake County Leader of the Year award is presented to one outstanding recipient each year for their contributions in Lake County.  I encourage you to nominate someone who you believe is worthy of such an award of distinction.

Nominations forms are due on or before January 31, 2019. Late nominations will not be accepted.

Please note that our nomination form has changed. Prior nominees may be resubmitted using the current form.


Nominee Criteria

Nominee must live or be employed within Lake County. Nominator must be an alumni of Leadership Lake County in good standing.

Achievements for consideration must have been completed within the last five (5) years (2012-2017).

All sections must be completed.


NEW: Current members of the Leadership Lake County Board of Trustees are not eligible to be nominated.

2018 - 2019 Board of Trustees:

Tony Mancari     Kim Fraser     Laurie Principe     Andy Meinhold

Ali Adinaro     Ed Brown     Dione DeMitro     Ryan Dumermuth     Judge Colleen Falkowski     Mark Fosnaught     Clark Gerber    

Ann Mahler    Christine Matthews     Thomas Morse     Raymond Paganini     Denise Quiggle     Jeff Ruple     Greg Sanders    

Chris Selan     Dave Skursha


All nominations received are kept confidential. The Leader of the Year Committee is comprised of Leadership Lake County trustees and graduates from a broad span of years and companies.


Click here to proceed to the online nomination form. Nominations due January 31, 2019.

Click here to download the nomination as a fillable pdf form. You will need to email the completed form to info@leadershiplc.org


Leader of the Year Award Recipients 1989-2018

  • Wilbur R. Moyer, 1989
  • Joseph D. Rusnak, 1990
  • Richard H. Gehring, 1991
  • Michael D. Lyster, 1992
  • Joseph A. Lesak, 1993
  • Dr. Ralph R. Doty, 1994
  • Kenneth M. Iwashita, 1995
  • Jack E. Daniels, 1996
  • Arthur S. Holden, Jr. & Constance P. Irvin, 1997
  • J. William Stanton, 1998
  • Paul J. Beddia, 1999
  • Harry L. Allen, Jr., 2000
  • Dr. James H. Capitan, 2001
  • Thomas W. Benda, 2002
  • David J. Enzerra, 2003
  • Cytnhia Moore-Hardy, 2004
  • Roger J. Sustar, 2005
  • Dr. Morris W. Beverage, Jr., 2006
  • Ellen Foley Kessler, 2007
  • Judie & Dave Crockett, 2008
  • Nancy & Ed Brown, 2009
  • Bruce M. Kephart, 2010
  • Michael T. Victor, 2011
  • Dr. Jacqueline Hoynes, 2012
  • Rita & Peter Carfagna, 2013
  • Bob Cahen, 2014
  • Judge Colleen Falkowski, 2015
  • Andy L. Meinhold, 2016
  • David Cowen and Dennis Eckart, 2017
  • Nancy Guthrie, 2018